NGO Kodanikukoolitus (Civil Training Center) has been established in 1998 in order to teach citizenship and assertiveness, support initiative and competitiveness, positive attitude to life, tolerance and perseverance.

Our activities are aimed towards our goal of strenghtening and supporting:

  • well-balanced society
  • improved co-operation atmosphere between communities, men and women
  • deeper coherence between generations
  • broader involvement of various minorities

We target our activities to active citizens – members of NGOs, women, minority groups – regardless of their age, religion, nationality, work experience and education.


For achieving our goals, Kodanikukoolitus:

  • arranges trainings about citizenship (incl seminars, study visits, conferences)
  • organises mentorship programmes (incl practical language studies)
  • leads various projects (incl co-operation projects with local and international partners)
  • shares expertise

 During the years, NGO Kodanikukoolitus has been teaching citizenship to youth and women, to unemployed, non-citizens and immigrants – a total of more than 9000 persons. We have co-operated on the subject of multiculturalism in society with the British Embassy, American Embassy, Netherlands Embassy, Nordic Council of Ministers, European Council,  various institutions of European Union and numerous ministries and foundations in Estonia. Several of the integration projects have been conducted in co-operation with Northwestern Russia, Finland, Sweden and Latvian NGOs. In addition to Estonia, we have trained members of NGOs in Russia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Poland. Kodanikukoolitus created the first ever adaptation programme for immigrants, the citizens of third countries, in a pilot project funded by Estonian Integration and Migration Foundation (Uus Kodu (New Home) I and II)

Kodanikukoolitus is formed of voluntary members and they are well recognised in their respective areas of activities and expertise.

There is a foundation, EH Fond, established at Kodanikukoolitus, that has since 2006 awarded scholarship to persons that have contributed significatly to promoting Estonian society.